Moonlight Blues

Illustration for the poem "Moonlight Blues" by Robert Lutz

One line for the devil
Second stanza’s for me

Put your pain on the anvil
Hammer and stammer with glee

Broken thoughts tug heart strings
Sounds gather fluid and sand

Men inherit their bearings
A child deserves no reprimand


Organ Recital, Part 1: Logic

Illustration for Part 1: Logic of the poem "Organ Recital" by Robert Lutz

All is not lost
All is not forgotten

I am lost
I am forgotten

Green sheep carry sleek mice to the steeple
A mean heap marries a reaped prize in front of the people

Ding dong Mr. Meinong, throw a bag of words out the window
Ping pong Mrs. Unicorn, hats off—they’re doing pogroms now
—to entertain a bunch of bored people indoors

Fashion is never fashionable at first
Fashion is always fashioned by thirst

I don no coat
My name is label