Greening, Part 1: Visitation

Illustration for Part 1: Visitation of the poem "Greening" by Robert Lutz

Make-believe and medicine
Righteous grudge and apt chagrin

Camera obscura maybe
International music baby

Wisdom drowns the swan
Knights yearn for the fate of the pawn

You looked at me
I shed a tear

Honey hugged the grave
Elastic rubber saves

Santa got me a hammock this year
I hear you loud and clear

The end is near
Wish you were here


In the Sand

Illustration for the poem "In the Sand" by Robert Lutz

I need to wander along
the path, walking stick
in my hand.

The sun followed me across
the sky, dried fruit
my only nourishment.

Splinters from the wood in
my flesh, worn-down leather
covered in sand.

I curse the stick for
its weight, heavy burden
of my establishment.

As I carry it through
the crowd, dark blood
colors my hand.

But then I look into
the future, walking stick
in my hand.

I refuse all help from
now on, I put my head
in the sand.

The Midnight Riders

Illustration for the poem "The Midnight Riders" by Robert Lutz

On hearses of steel we rattle along
Tearing through towns, slaughter’s our song
We’re blistering torches, we piss on the graves
We shatter the tombstones, glistening with rage
Oh will that one day we find rest in the ground
Rocks and earth atop bones—no sound
Scatter the salt lest we grow into trees
And haunt all that’s sacred with billowing pleas