Illustration for the poem "Echo" by Robert Lutz

Each summer you were bound for the zenith
Each time I asked you, my rosy cheeks
made a mockery of the Marlboro man

Pain is an army of clouds
concealing northern blue saturation

If I turn on the light, I see you
dreaming out loud

How are we supposed to fill the sky together
if I drown every time you bat your eyes?

Somebody once wrote on a wall:
“I am not an easel”
Apply your rainbow paint and I shall
retreat into pure scarlet

Who will hazard a glance
once the evening dulls
the sparkle of the canvas fibers?

How I wish you would take me
along for the ride

Let me take you

My radiant zeppelin
You are glowing in the sky
breaking the color spectrum

Sense is my lifeline
with shivering hands
I grasp for it in vain

Will you show me the way?

I want to remain in your light
but my desire casts a shadow
onto the foothills of Mount Soul

It’s quite a hike getting up there
I can feel the winds up high down below
as I follow the breadcrumbs
strewn along the sole road

Birds smear the azure up above
their flight makes me dizzy

Who will take my hand
so that I can stave off
yet another fall?

Forgive me, my thoughts are sticky
but please don’t wipe them down
they’re the goo holding me together



Illustration for the poem "Drifting" by Robert Lutz

Drifting is like
Driving except
No one
Is driving

I drift
You drift
But they
Don’t drift

Can you drift
To somewhere
For something
Because of?

How should
You drift?
What are the
Rules for drifting?

Can you drift
Again if you
Have already
Drifted before?

How many drifters
Are there
Drifting nowhere
Together alone?

Is there a drift club
A drift store
Where you
Buy bye?

Can you call
Someone “drifty”
When they aren’t
Driving their drift?

I hope to
Drift more
I for one
Enjoy it

Those Days Too I Dream

Those Days Too I Dream

Those days too I dream
My thoughts bear witness
To the joys of my heart
Blast me through time

Those days too I dream
My joys grow far larger
My sorrows wane softly
Breach the wall of time

Those days too I dream
The stunted growth of past
Love emerges as a flower
Bend the watch, it’s time

Those days too I dream
Steel and stone steal me
Away from the dance
Birth the star within me

Those days too I dream
Terror is a wisp of cold
Air is filled with mildew
Eat the worm that eats me

Those days too I dream
Melting in a pool of color
Shooting stars beget a son
Whisper loudly, wake me up

Those days too I dream
Ear lobes sagging to the floor
Brushing against my spine
Time, give me what’s mine