Illustration for the poem "Life/Waves" by Robert Lutz

Life is all
About the waves
That like thunder crash
Onto the shore
And drag the debris
Back Into the sea

Life is all
About landing ashore
Carried by the waves
And returning to the sea
Dragged by the waves
Yet carried by yourself

Life is all
About living in the sea
And riding the waves
From time to time
Never knowing when
But always again


Greening, Part 1: Visitation

Illustration for Part 1: Visitation of the poem "Greening" by Robert Lutz

Make-believe and medicine
Righteous grudge and apt chagrin

Camera obscura maybe
International music baby

Wisdom drowns the swan
Knights yearn for the fate of the pawn

You looked at me
I shed a tear

Honey hugged the grave
Elastic rubber saves

Santa got me a hammock this year
I hear you loud and clear

The end is near
Wish you were here


Illustration for the poem

Let’s not retreat
There’s much to gain
We’re wrong to think all is

Our courage is yet to come
Still, remember we’re up
A hopeless cause, a useless

No way we’re going back to the dead
An eye for an eye, against all
Walls can’t shield from

In the Sand

Illustration for the poem "In the Sand" by Robert Lutz

I need to wander along
the path, walking stick
in my hand.

The sun followed me across
the sky, dried fruit
my only nourishment.

Splinters from the wood in
my flesh, worn-down leather
covered in sand.

I curse the stick for
its weight, heavy burden
of my establishment.

As I carry it through
the crowd, dark blood
colors my hand.

But then I look into
the future, walking stick
in my hand.

I refuse all help from
now on, I put my head
in the sand.

Moth Dance

Moth Dance

I don’t need a vest
to protect myself from you
just a nest
to erect against your tools
in protest
to detect whichever new
family crest
with its eyes of frosty blue
may request
that my life be over soon
never rest
let the light enshrine the moon
my behest:
let all thought rest until noon
when it’s best
wrap the moth in a cocoon
then just test
play peer gynt with a bassoon
all adults in red balloons
lay low during the monsoon
let me guess
it will all be over soon

Where Do the Fall Fires Burn?

Where Do the Fall Fires Burn?

Where can I taste and smell
The winter cold oozing
Rolling off my tongue like
Licorice candy melting
On my lips like nonpareils
Dripping on my shirt like
That mug with a crack
Leaking hot chocolate
Hot like a fire of dried colored
Leaves at the height of the
Fall I fall you fall
But we do not fall together
Like crackling sizzling splintering
Bubbling steaming logs in a red
Glazed hearth all surrounded by
Wet leaves and cold branches and
Slippery trees and the
Rust-stained swing set that
Slides through the air as it
Swings in the wind and
Creaks and creaks and creaking
It throws off a shadow
I see in the light of
The flames that are shadows too
Shadows of a force that
Murmurs below it and blows
Off steam in red and orange and
Yellow like leaves as they
Leave the trees weightlessly
Tumbling and falling
Mere silhouettes showing us
Too the howling wind all
Around us and everywhere
Hiding in the shadow
Of sound a mere shadow too
Like us two shadows
Tumbling and wrestling
And falling but not
Falling together just
Forming two neat little piles
Of red leaves raked
Clean and apart and left there
To mold on the ground in the
Yard where the fall fires burn