Illustration for the poem "Echo" by Robert Lutz

Each summer you were bound for the zenith
Each time I asked you, my rosy cheeks
made a mockery of the Marlboro man

Pain is an army of clouds
concealing northern blue saturation

If I turn on the light, I see you
dreaming out loud

How are we supposed to fill the sky together
if I drown every time you bat your eyes?

Somebody once wrote on a wall:
“I am not an easel”
Apply your rainbow paint and I shall
retreat into pure scarlet

Who will hazard a glance
once the evening dulls
the sparkle of the canvas fibers?

How I wish you would take me
along for the ride

Let me take you

My radiant zeppelin
You are glowing in the sky
breaking the color spectrum

Sense is my lifeline
with shivering hands
I grasp for it in vain

Will you show me the way?

I want to remain in your light
but my desire casts a shadow
onto the foothills of Mount Soul

It’s quite a hike getting up there
I can feel the winds up high down below
as I follow the breadcrumbs
strewn along the sole road

Birds smear the azure up above
their flight makes me dizzy

Who will take my hand
so that I can stave off
yet another fall?

Forgive me, my thoughts are sticky
but please don’t wipe them down
they’re the goo holding me together


Level Head

Illustration for the poem "Level Head" by Robert Lutz

Back and forth
South, north
Standing, talking
Chuckling, walking

Sights obscene
Sounds unwanted
Hands untied
Mind haunted

Slithering, bickering
Criminal lingering
Intentional bling-bling
Ghostly thing

Raw umbrella
Soaking rain
Blasphemous traits
Sunny smile

Same disposition
Different demeanor
Oppressed and angry
Hanging in tight

Level head
Wide birth
Bronze hair
Brown lion

Ghostly play of sights and sounds
Run-down dogs and dirty hounds
Broken nuns in brown bikinis
Purple sinks and eerie scenics

Elevator pitch for nothing
Boiling mice and peanuts cushioning
Blows to the head and heart below
The banks are growing inward


Illustration for the poem

Let’s not retreat
There’s much to gain
We’re wrong to think all is

Our courage is yet to come
Still, remember we’re up
A hopeless cause, a useless

No way we’re going back to the dead
An eye for an eye, against all
Walls can’t shield from


Illustration for the poem "Distinction" by Robert Lutz

I graduated with distinction
From the school of forms

My presence marks the absence
Of morning and another dawn

Look me in the eye and
Tell me what you see

I am bare
I am empty
I am texture
I am rigidity

My somber mood runs deep
My growth happens at
The level of roots

My crown is the sky
Birds rest on my skin

I am exposed
I am different
I am other

Do not mistake thick and black
For stuck and opaque

Do not confuse fickle and white
With agile and pure

I stand out
I don’t stand down

Leaf of Absence

Illustration for the poem "Leaf of Absence" by Robert Lutz

She has taken a leaf of absence
from the old tree by her house

Darkness and light switch off
pumping melodies into her
musical veins

She is swimming in loneliness
in the company of her kin

No one sweeps in dreamland
after they scatter the ashes
in the wind

They just brush off the foliage
to reveal the colors of fall

Green moss and blue sky kiss
brown bark and grey mountains


Illustration for the poem "Driving" by Robert Lutz

I don’t drive myself
I still spend a lot of time
on the road being
driven by others

“Others” is a loose term
losing is too
narrow a view
there are other turns too

Turning to and from
points and place marks
marking departure
pressing arrival. Now

To drive or not to drive
the point home
begs the question
whether there’s a question

Asking too much
anticipated strangers passing
through and judgment
coming when the lights are late

Being on time
in timely matters
much too little
or much to matter

Pavement flying by
bus bye here I come
going again
gone a ways away

Always away never
here and now I must
make the turn or
head on straight on

On too far too long
longing too much
to belong, “Don’t be
long!” they say

I say stay far
closer, “Belong!” you say
but I hear you no longer
tail lights long gone

Coming Home

Illustration for the poem

Seeing you feels like coming home:

Full saturation of my heart,
my dreams chattering like timber

Everything stops for half a bar

I taste the moment
I touch life
I cherish
everything that is
a part of you and me

You sun-fired hearth
your joy envelops me
when I surrender

coming home.

Marlovian Dreams

Illustration for the poem "Marlovian Dreams" by Robert Lutz

They know
Life is lived by living, not by
Being dead.

But undeniably there are these moments,


minutes when they gaze over the railing
of a building,
or the keen kitchen knife blade
in their back pockets;

And they think for a moment,

an instance,

a minute about the fall,
or the cut;
About the timeless sensation
before hitting the ground,
or running out of blood;
About the courage needed
and the courage they have
to sedate the will to live,
to strangle existence.

But these moments,


minutes are fleeting

just like their flight.