Greening, Part 1: Visitation

Illustration for Part 1: Visitation of the poem "Greening" by Robert Lutz

Make-believe and medicine
Righteous grudge and apt chagrin

Camera obscura maybe
International music baby

Wisdom drowns the swan
Knights yearn for the fate of the pawn

You looked at me
I shed a tear

Honey hugged the grave
Elastic rubber saves

Santa got me a hammock this year
I hear you loud and clear

The end is near
Wish you were here


Organ Recital, Part 1: Logic

Illustration for Part 1: Logic of the poem "Organ Recital" by Robert Lutz

All is not lost
All is not forgotten

I am lost
I am forgotten

Green sheep carry sleek mice to the steeple
A mean heap marries a reaped prize in front of the people

Ding dong Mr. Meinong, throw a bag of words out the window
Ping pong Mrs. Unicorn, hats off—they’re doing pogroms now
—to entertain a bunch of bored people indoors

Fashion is never fashionable at first
Fashion is always fashioned by thirst

I don no coat
My name is label