Illustration for the poem "Life/Waves" by Robert Lutz

Life is all
About the waves
That like thunder crash
Onto the shore
And drag the debris
Back Into the sea

Life is all
About landing ashore
Carried by the waves
And returning to the sea
Dragged by the waves
Yet carried by yourself

Life is all
About living in the sea
And riding the waves
From time to time
Never knowing when
But always again


Greening, Part 1: Visitation

Illustration for Part 1: Visitation of the poem "Greening" by Robert Lutz

Make-believe and medicine
Righteous grudge and apt chagrin

Camera obscura maybe
International music baby

Wisdom drowns the swan
Knights yearn for the fate of the pawn

You looked at me
I shed a tear

Honey hugged the grave
Elastic rubber saves

Santa got me a hammock this year
I hear you loud and clear

The end is near
Wish you were here

Moth Dance

Moth Dance

I don’t need a vest
to protect myself from you
just a nest
to erect against your tools
in protest
to detect whichever new
family crest
with its eyes of frosty blue
may request
that my life be over soon
never rest
let the light enshrine the moon
my behest:
let all thought rest until noon
when it’s best
wrap the moth in a cocoon
then just test
play peer gynt with a bassoon
all adults in red balloons
lay low during the monsoon
let me guess
it will all be over soon