Greening, Part 2: Nostalgia

Illustration for Part 2: Nostalgia of the poem "Greening" by Robert Lutz

In the dead of winter
I looked at you

Drumming up all the summer
heat courage I could muster

Yet you found my broken passion
Lackluster—sorry, buster

A good supplicant is hard to break


Level Head

Illustration for the poem "Level Head" by Robert Lutz

Back and forth
South, north
Standing, talking
Chuckling, walking

Sights obscene
Sounds unwanted
Hands untied
Mind haunted

Slithering, bickering
Criminal lingering
Intentional bling-bling
Ghostly thing

Raw umbrella
Soaking rain
Blasphemous traits
Sunny smile

Same disposition
Different demeanor
Oppressed and angry
Hanging in tight

Level head
Wide birth
Bronze hair
Brown lion

Ghostly play of sights and sounds
Run-down dogs and dirty hounds
Broken nuns in brown bikinis
Purple sinks and eerie scenics

Elevator pitch for nothing
Boiling mice and peanuts cushioning
Blows to the head and heart below
The banks are growing inward

Organ Recital, Part 3: Reflection

Illustration for Part 3: Reflection of the poem "Organ Recital" by Robert Lutz

All sundials are round
Round things render the world void of sound

Sound is silent when I recall those memories
Memorial houses, sights immemorial

All is metaphorical

Those ice cream cones never kept
Those vanilla scoops properly enshrined

Shrines for the gods
Gold shines in the light

The sundial first draws the circle, then the arc

Organ Recital, Part 2: Emotion

Illustration for Part 2: Emotion of the poem "Organ Recital" by Robert Lutz

They’re going
They’re glowing

They ain’t bowing
They are vowing

They’ll drive tent pole stakes
Into ten people snakes

No villagers are safe
From no pillagers in their graves

Opposition is not a spectator sport
Best to tremble in a corner, don’t attempt no retort

Blow past the stop sign, flying your white banner
Still you’ll be taken
—mistakenly, completely forsaken, your dreams will be shaken
—your name an aching inscription, left for dead in fading henna