Layer Cake

Layer Cake

Behold the clouds above
the plush dreams of our seas
the whispers of flowers and trees
shadow and light is the earth making love


Those Days Too I Dream

Those Days Too I Dream

Those days too I dream
My thoughts bear witness
To the joys of my heart
Blast me through time

Those days too I dream
My joys grow far larger
My sorrows wane softly
Breach the wall of time

Those days too I dream
The stunted growth of past
Love emerges as a flower
Bend the watch, it’s time

Those days too I dream
Steel and stone steal me
Away from the dance
Birth the star within me

Those days too I dream
Terror is a wisp of cold
Air is filled with mildew
Eat the worm that eats me

Those days too I dream
Melting in a pool of color
Shooting stars beget a son
Whisper loudly, wake me up

Those days too I dream
Ear lobes sagging to the floor
Brushing against my spine
Time, give me what’s mine



The beginning is here
The bubbles burst mid-air
The rainbow is made of a single color

Brutal sunsets
Violent vistas of lush greenery
Purple dreams of stunning magic
Ecstatic propulsion toward a limitedless sky
Formless transcendence into the bursting unknown

Restless settling in a distant void far from yesterday’s dread
Pounding, exasperated lungs filled with hearts of joy
Energetic transformation of my iron heart
Earthquakes of turbulent laughter
Rays upon rays of light

An eloquent procession toward a simple word
A thoughtful, thoughtless labor of love
And the end will come soon

I see you