On Time

Illustration for the poem "On Time" by Robert Lutz

A split second is long enough
to freeze a moment in time

Eternity is not long enough
to freeze time for a moment

The seams of time are bursting
yet nothing passes through


Lamentation of the Dreamer

Illustration for the poem "Lamentation of the Dreamer" by Robert Lutz


What is love if not the vengeance of fate,
burning its way through the gleeful past;
Tying sweet romance to a raging pyre,
Strangling life with misery’s thread,
In a world that’s already dead.


Catastrophe strikes and we all lament,
But one must work to save the day,
lest the fire consume the hay,
we must make them all content.

Doubt must be borne in the face of doom,
Hope drives illusions to clog the mind,
the priest offers closure and God is kind,
the soil demands yet another tomb.


In the face of anguish the lovers chide,
their tempers raging, and love subsides,
hope forlorn, wrath sworn, hearts torn.

In the Sand

Illustration for the poem "In the Sand" by Robert Lutz

I need to wander along
the path, walking stick
in my hand.

The sun followed me across
the sky, dried fruit
my only nourishment.

Splinters from the wood in
my flesh, worn-down leather
covered in sand.

I curse the stick for
its weight, heavy burden
of my establishment.

As I carry it through
the crowd, dark blood
colors my hand.

But then I look into
the future, walking stick
in my hand.

I refuse all help from
now on, I put my head
in the sand.

The Midnight Riders

Illustration for the poem "The Midnight Riders" by Robert Lutz

On hearses of steel we rattle along
Tearing through towns, slaughter’s our song
We’re blistering torches, we piss on the graves
We shatter the tombstones, glistening with rage
Oh will that one day we find rest in the ground
Rocks and earth atop bones—no sound
Scatter the salt lest we grow into trees
And haunt all that’s sacred with billowing pleas


Illustration for the poem "Drifting" by Robert Lutz

Drifting is like
Driving except
No one
Is driving

I drift
You drift
But they
Don’t drift

Can you drift
To somewhere
For something
Because of?

How should
You drift?
What are the
Rules for drifting?

Can you drift
Again if you
Have already
Drifted before?

How many drifters
Are there
Drifting nowhere
Together alone?

Is there a drift club
A drift store
Where you
Buy bye?

Can you call
Someone “drifty”
When they aren’t
Driving their drift?

I hope to
Drift more
I for one
Enjoy it


Illustration for the poem "Driving" by Robert Lutz

I don’t drive myself
I still spend a lot of time
on the road being
driven by others

“Others” is a loose term
losing is too
narrow a view
there are other turns too

Turning to and from
points and place marks
marking departure
pressing arrival. Now

To drive or not to drive
the point home
begs the question
whether there’s a question

Asking too much
anticipated strangers passing
through and judgment
coming when the lights are late

Being on time
in timely matters
much too little
or much to matter

Pavement flying by
bus bye here I come
going again
gone a ways away

Always away never
here and now I must
make the turn or
head on straight on

On too far too long
longing too much
to belong, “Don’t be
long!” they say

I say stay far
closer, “Belong!” you say
but I hear you no longer
tail lights long gone

Coming Home

Illustration for the poem

Seeing you feels like coming home:

Full saturation of my heart,
my dreams chattering like timber

Everything stops for half a bar

I taste the moment
I touch life
I cherish
everything that is
a part of you and me

You sun-fired hearth
your joy envelops me
when I surrender

coming home.