Level Head

Illustration for the poem "Level Head" by Robert Lutz

Back and forth
South, north
Standing, talking
Chuckling, walking

Sights obscene
Sounds unwanted
Hands untied
Mind haunted

Slithering, bickering
Criminal lingering
Intentional bling-bling
Ghostly thing

Raw umbrella
Soaking rain
Blasphemous traits
Sunny smile

Same disposition
Different demeanor
Oppressed and angry
Hanging in tight

Level head
Wide birth
Bronze hair
Brown lion

Ghostly play of sights and sounds
Run-down dogs and dirty hounds
Broken nuns in brown bikinis
Purple sinks and eerie scenics

Elevator pitch for nothing
Boiling mice and peanuts cushioning
Blows to the head and heart below
The banks are growing inward


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