Where Do the Fall Fires Burn?

Where Do the Fall Fires Burn?

Where can I taste and smell
The winter cold oozing
Rolling off my tongue like
Licorice candy melting
On my lips like nonpareils
Dripping on my shirt like
That mug with a crack
Leaking hot chocolate
Hot like a fire of dried colored
Leaves at the height of the
Fall I fall you fall
But we do not fall together
Like crackling sizzling splintering
Bubbling steaming logs in a red
Glazed hearth all surrounded by
Wet leaves and cold branches and
Slippery trees and the
Rust-stained swing set that
Slides through the air as it
Swings in the wind and
Creaks and creaks and creaking
It throws off a shadow
I see in the light of
The flames that are shadows too
Shadows of a force that
Murmurs below it and blows
Off steam in red and orange and
Yellow like leaves as they
Leave the trees weightlessly
Tumbling and falling
Mere silhouettes showing us
Too the howling wind all
Around us and everywhere
Hiding in the shadow
Of sound a mere shadow too
Like us two shadows
Tumbling and wrestling
And falling but not
Falling together just
Forming two neat little piles
Of red leaves raked
Clean and apart and left there
To mold on the ground in the
Yard where the fall fires burn


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